Jonathan Sherwood


Upcoming Publications

  • Asimov's Science Fiction: Retrocausality, short story, TBA

  • Analog Science Fiction & Fact: Each Separate Star, short story, TBA

  • Titanic Terastructures: Under the Graying Sea, novelette, 2022

  • The Fifth Di...: The Strange Case of Mr. Hedford's House, June 2022

Steps into the Unknown

Under the Graying Sea has been translated into a fourth language, Polish, and appears in the anthology Steps Into The Unknown.


Under the Graying Sea has been translated into Czech and published in a magazine in the Czech Republic called XB-1.

Nebula VII

My copies of Nebula VII have arrived, and it's a really terrific-looking book. I can't comment on much of anything except the artwork because I can't read a word of Chinese. But... it's a really good-looking book!

The artwork for Under the Graying Sea I've already mentioned earlier, and I have to thank the artist, Den, for it. He's done a lot of other wonderful illustrations, so take a look at his web site. And there's a scary mug shot of me in there, too.

Many thanks to the editors at Science Fiction World for including my story. It's an honor!

Tessa Illustrated

Nebula VII, the anthology printed by the Chinese publication Science Fiction World, has just come out, and with it was a surprise. First, I didn't realize that the other authors were Robert Sawyer, Stephen Baxter, and James Alan Gardner. I'm quite humbled to be in the same stack of pages with these writers.

Second, there was a black-and-white illustration done for the story that is quite nice. Okay, Tessa is a bit more, um, nekkid than I envisioned her in the story, but still - cool image.


2034: Writing Rochester's Futures is set well into the future, and takes 18 different looks at what the future of Rochester and the area might look like.

Best-selling Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author Nancy Kress leads a tour of things to come, alongside Star Trek writer Sally Caves, two-time John W. Campbell Award finalist Nick DiChario, playwright/philosopher Craig DeLancey, and fourteen other Rochesterian masters of speculative fiction.

This is really good fiction, so do yourself a favor and head on over to the R-SPEC Press web site and buy a copy.

I was asked to write the foreword, for which I am truly grateful. It's a terrific collection of writers with stories running from hard science fiction to the truly fantastical and every kind of speculative fiction in between.

Asimov's Science Fiction

My first piece of published science fiction, Under the Graying Sea, appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction.

I wrote literary fiction for many years and yet never seemed to write anything anyone wanted to publish. One day, my wife bought me a ten-cent copy of Hyperion from a local library, and as I read it, I realized I needed to go back to my roots as a lover of science fiction. I wrote Sea and was fortunate Sheila Williams accepted it for Asimov's.