Jonathan Sherwood


Upcoming Publications

  • Asimov's Science Fiction: Retrocausality, short story, TBA

  • Analog Science Fiction & Fact: Each Separate Star, short story, TBA

  • The Fifth Di...: The Strange Case of Mr. Hedford's House, June 2022

Under the Graying Sea published in Titanic Terastructures.

The greatest endeavor in human history is threatened by one of the most powerful entities in the universe. Two astronauts, injured and alone, are all that stands between the collapse of humanity's reach to the stars, and the lives of millions.

Shaytandokht appears in the August 2021 issue of Electric Spec.

The frozen desert of Afghanistan hides a secret; a girl who sits and holds all hell inside her.

Fathom appears in the Summer 2021 issue of Silver Blade Magazine.

Tunnel warfare in the first world war. Quantum physics. A criminal asylum. Proust. Memory. Love. One man reflects on his life, both the past and what's to come, and begins to understand reality itself is not what he thought it was.

Under the Graying Sea has been translated into a fourth language, Polish, and appears in the anthology Steps Into The Unknown.