• (2022) "Retrocausality" Asimov's Science Fiction, TBA

  • (2022) "Each Separate Star" Analog Science Fiction and Fact, TBA

  • (2022) "The Strange Case of Mr. Hedford's House, The Fifth Di..., June

  • (2021) "Shaytandokht" Electric Spec, August

  • (2021) “Fathom” Silver Blade, Summer

  • (2006) “Under the Graying Sea” Asimov’s Science Fiction, February

    • (2022) Reprinted in Titanic Terastructures — edited by Jessica Augustsson, JayHenge Publishing

    • (2014) Reprinted in Polish in Steps into the Unknown — edited by Mirosław Obarski

    • (2011) Reprinted in Czech in XB-1, September

    • (2009) Reprinted in Chinese in Nebula VII — edited by Jiang Bo Deng, Sichuan Publishing Group

    • (2007) Reprinted in Best SF

  • (1995) “Swallow” A Book of Our Own — edited by James E. Walker

Awards and Nominations

(2007) Runner-up, Hugo Award, "Under the Graying Sea"

(2007) Finalist for the Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Reader’s Choice Award, “Under the Graying Sea”