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Why are we drawn to the stars? Why do we seek out other life? 

Aerobraking, in this month's Analog, is a brief look at why we risk so much to explore.


Excommunication is out in the 3.1 issue of The Dread Machine.

First contact can be scary. Sometimes it can be absolutely terrifying.

And sometimes it can be so, so much worse.


Each Separate Star is in the September/October double issue of Analog.

A network of interlinked telescopes around the world tracks all the debris that orbits the Earth.

So what happens when one lowly overnight employee discovers something in all that data that's not supposed to be there?


Retrocausality is in the July/August double issue of Asimov's Science Fiction.

A young woman is contacted by her old physics professor to catch up over lunch.

But she is absolutely unprepared for what "catching up" actually means.