Jonathan Sherwood


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Asimov's Science Fiction: Retrocausality, July/August 2022

Analog Science Fiction & Fact: Each Separate Star, September/October 2022

Analog Science Fiction & Fact: Aerobraking, TBA

Latest Publications —


Hunt appears in Page & Spine.

What could possibly go wrong hunting a predator in the blue-bamboo forests of an alien world?

Hunt is story #21 of The Odin Chronicles, an anthology coming out this fall. Echoing The Martian Chronicles, the anthology takes place entirely on the mining colony of Odin III. Eight terrific writers joined forces to pen 30 interwoven stories about life on Odin, available to read for free at Page & Spine right now.


Rain is in the March issue of Theme of Absence.

A boy sees an old friend, missing for a year, and follows him into the night.

An ode to Bradbury's semi-mystical short stories of young boys leaving childhood behind, and finding adulthood is not what they expected.


The Beast of T'Moma River is in Horror Tree's Trembling With Fear.

Two friends on a fog-shrouded river are waiting for a monster that has been waiting for them for decades.

"The Beast of T’Moma River by Jonathan Sherwood is an absolute gem in the art of building tension. The crawling, enveloping presence of the fog, its personalisation so it becomes another character in this tale, is expertly drawn. A really chilling piece." —Stephanie Ellis, editor, Trembling With Fear


Shaytandokht appears in Electric Spec.

The frozen desert of Afghanistan hides a secret; a girl who holds all hell inside her.